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          "How To Start A Low Power FM Radio Station"

                               by Stephen Kafka


    "How To Apply For, Build and Operate A Low Power

                 FM Radio Station" by Stephen Kafka


             "The LPFM Guidebook" by Stephen Kafka


The lessons in this eBook apply to both "Full Power" commercial AM and FM stations, and non-profit and for profit "Low Power" AM Or FM Stations.  Permits for full powers can still be purchased, and names and email addresses of brokers are provided.               







Inside You'll Find ;

-A complete copy of all FCC rules, regarding LPFM.

-A guide to revenue producing programming, to make  your station self-sufficient.

-A list of equipment suppliers, and costs for necessary equipment.

-Sources of local, low or no cost, qualified, engineering/ construction help. 

-Source list of low, or no cost 24 hour programming, and reduced cost cd's, etc.

-A listing of all the licensing fees you'll have to pay on a yearly basis, to stay legal.

Plus, You'll Also ;

-Learn how to operate your station unattended.

-How remote broadcasts can be a goldmine for a LPFM.

-Internet streaming equipment, and information.

-How independent programmers can greatly benefit your station.

-How to get a volunteer worker program established.

-What you need to know about the Emergency Alert System.  What equipment to buy,  studio to transmitter links, and much more.

Low Power AM Option. (LPAM)


-How you can, without an FCC license,  (and it's totally legal), operate an AM station that covers 1.5+ mi. in all directions from your transmitter (with "full quieting", 2+ mi. usable coverage), or an entire town with a network of transmitters !  This can clean up problem areas for your LPFM, and open up a new source of funding, delivering older listeners !  It is currently being done in Flagstaff, AZ and elsewhere across the country. The AM station in Flagstaff was once rated #3 out of all the stations in town !!  Legally, without an FCC license needed ! 

 And, you can run this AM separately, for profit !

 Finding a Transmitter For LPAM That Performs Well Is Difficult.  I'll Tell You The Manufacturer We Found, That Provides A Solid, Exceptional Product For LPAM, With A Long List Of High Profile, Business Testimonials

And the cost for a LPAM is substantially less, with no need for EAS equipment !

Examples of LPAM's :


              Recent (2014) Unsolicited Testimonials :

"Thanks Steve, it has al-ready helped, the antenna length will be 80 foot, if City ordinances don't let me its nice to know I can go 60 foot with or without there permission, thank you so much, I really needed this book, and I have not had the time to read it from page to page yet I just skimmed through it, I love it
my only hold up now is my registration to the AFF, then I believe I will get my construction permit, i am a singleton and that great !"

"Steve, Thank you so much! I appreciate your helping us." Sincerely,

"Thanks so much for the book--it is already filling our radio station crew with tons of ideas. Guaranteed to pay for itself many times over!"

  I purchased your book...great stuff!

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 Stephen G. Kafka, Consulting Broadcast      Engineer has the experience to help you!                             

About Us

We are experienced, highly qualified, and discreet professionals, with excellent references and a broad range of project training.


We have years of experience to help you get the job done.


Former owner KIAE(FM) Aurora, NE 1980-85, (built from scratch and sold station in '85) and former owner/operator K61CU-TV Lincoln, NE 1990-95,  (performing the initial engineering work, to the actual construction and operation). 

Applicant for several FM stations from 1983-87. (sold out to competing applicants in Kearney, NE, Aspen, CO, Laramie, WYO, Red Lodge, MT, Kingman, KN, etc) .

Wrote a book on low power FM stations, for aspiring owners, in 2002.  Sold around 50 copies to applicants on file, with a very limited direct mail campaign.

Liberty Broadcasting of Nebraska, Inc.
K61CU-TV Lincoln, NE. ch. 61. March 1990. 810 watts at 150ft, 400 watts at 300ft, then 6KW at 250ft. Intercity relay microwave 13,012.5 mhz  (A federally licensed low power, over-the-air TV station Ch. 61).

 Low powers now have regular type call letters like K J J J. The station broadcast music videos to start with, mainly aimed at the Univ of NE students who lived on campus. The University hadn't allowed Cablevision onto the campus, so the kids only had the major networks, 1 independent station (KPTM) and 61TV. (No Dish or Directv back then.) Programming started to include live sports feeds (football/basketball), classic movies, etc. An independent survey found that Ch. 61 had as many viewers as the #1 radio station had listeners. most times of the day. Back then, Nielsen refused to even list low powers, even if they had a sizable audience. The reason was never explained. They now do carry them, if they qualify with a large enough audience.

Stephen G. Kafka DBA KIAE-FM Aurora, NE

Film Technician/Librarian

Nebraska Library Commission, 1974-78.

"How To Apply For, Build and Operate a Low Power FM Radio Station"

Stephen Kafka

January 1, 2002

  The book was available on Ebay, from Harlan's Warehouse, Harlan Jacobsen owner. It gives a how-to on the process, with a detailed look at how to make money with the station, to pay for itself, a manager and small staff.  It includes a copy of the FCC rules and regulations. It was initially sold thru a limited direct mail campaign, to then current applicants, and later, downloadable online.  Sold approx. 50 copies.      

 To order a newly revised version of the eBook on PDF
                        (16MB), or MOBI (Kindle)
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                        (also available in spanish)                 

     The book is also available from Amazon/Kindle,

      NOOK (Barnes and Noble), and Smashwords

   for those with a MOBI or EPUB reader. Spanish is

        available in both formats.   The cost is $40.

       You can find more info on Stephen Kafka at                                                     Linkedin:

                                Contact us now.

Our Commitment

You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, on time, and get you great results.

Your radio or TV station project will be handled expediently, ranging from, for example, acquiring the rights to tower sites, to filing all necessary FCC paperwork for all minor and major engineering changes, to full licensing.

Our email address is

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